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Professional & friendly dog grooming, in a relaxed environment.

Here at Woofy Doo’s Dog Grooming, we aim to 

make being groomed a calming and enjoyable experience for your four legged friend. My groom room has been designed to create a comfy, safe 

and inviting space that your dog will enjoy 

visiting and spending time in while being 


Why choose Woofy Doo’s Dog Grooming?

All the services I offer are on a one-to-one basis 

and each groom is tailored to meet your individual dog’s need. Your furry friend will be given plenty of comfort breaks, unlimited affection and there’s 

always fresh water and the odd treat or two 

available. I have a huge amount of patience and 

will always treat your furry friend as I’d want my 

own dogs to be treated.

All breeds of dog, big or small, will be welcomed.


I studied at Anrich Dog Grooming Academy in Lancashire, achieving a Professional Diploma 

in Dog Grooming and have been trained to high standards in all aspects of grooming, including scissoring, clipping and hand-stripping. 

I’m also fully insured, hold an animal 1st Aid certificate and have a diploma in Canine Communication.

Also fully qualified to do Emmi-pet 

ultrasonic teeth cleaning

My Grooming Services

Full Groom

from £30

* Bath & blow dry

* Brush out

* Ears cleaned & plucked (when required)

* Nails clipped

* Pads trimmed

* Hygiene areas tidied

* Coat styled/clipped to your preference

* Spritz of doggy cologne

Mini Groom

from £20

Perfect wanting a tidy up in-between full grooms! 

* Bath & blow dry

* Face tidy

* Ears cleaned

* Nails clipped

* Pads trimmed

* Hygiene areas tidied

* Doggy cologne

Puppy Pamper

From £24

It’s important to introduce your puppy to grooming from a young age, in order to make it a relaxing and stress-free experience for them.  This puppy pamper will introduce your furry friend to things like the hair driers, clippers, scissors, bath and even the table itself. 

* Nail clipped

* Ears cleaned

* Paws tidied

* Hygiene area tidied

* Bath & gentle blow dry

* An introduction to clippers – the coat will not be clipped on this occasion

* Plenty of affection


Approximately 80% of dogs show signs of dental disease around the age of 2, which like humans, if left untreated, gets progressively worse as they get older – but don’t worry it’s not too late!  Thanks to this amazing newly developed ultrasonic doggy designed toothbrush we can help to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy as possible!

  • Non abrasive
  • Vibration free
  • Completely silent
  • No mechanical movement
  • No pressure needed

Prices: For the first session and initial consultation (which includes your dog’s very own personal tooth brush head) we charge £40, typically takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

It will then cost £20 per session if added to a groom or £30 per session if you’re wanting it on its own. these sessions typically take around 30/45 minutes.

If you're wanting any appointments, please get in touch on our social media or you can call us on 07717 682575 to book your furry friend in.

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